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Video Poker History

Video poker dominates online game rooms for very obvious reasons. Its similarities between standard five-card draw and slots online make it exciting, unique, and a bit challenging. Exploring a little video poker history brings a whole new level of appreciation to the game.

The Evolution of Video Poker

The exact origins of poker are unknown, but it is thought that Persian sailors devised the game as a way to pass time. It was introduced in New Orleans ports as early as 1820, and since then many variations of the game have come to fruition. As word of this game spread north along the Mississippi River, it became a casino and household favorite. With the introduction of computers, developers sought to please the budding crowd of gamers with poker, leading it to become the world's first computer game. The internet age introduced a certain social standing, and players from all over the world flock to play video poker each and every day. Play free video poker on top-rated French casino sites. Find the best by reading the online reviews provided by an expert guide. Finding the right casino site is imperative for achieving success and get on top of your game quickly.

Comparison to Five-Card Draw

Despite an extensive video poker history, developers have never stopped improving the game and working to add diversity. The principles of the game are based upon the rules of five-card draw. Players place their bets and a virtual dealer hands them five cards. The goal of the game is to create certain hands, the values of which are laid out by a predetermined pay scale. The player can keep favorable cards and exchange as many as he would like for new cards. Once the hand has been built, the player is paid out accordingly.

Software developers work hard to understand and recreate the rich video poker history in order to provide a more realistic experience to players. New and more exciting video poker games variants are introduced each and every year.