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No Bust 21 Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most-played games in any online casino these days and it offers players several different themes and variations from which to choose. No Bust 21 is a very unique variation that is set to hold players' attention and keep them coming back for more.

How the Game is Played

No Bust 21 is very similar in rules to other types of blackjack games, but the way it is played is very different. Players who enter a No Bust 21 room for the first time will likely notice rows and columns for keeping track of wins and losses--a very convenient addition, indeed. To play this game, a 54-card deck is used; this includes the 52 standard cards and two Jokers. When a player busts, or goes over 21, there is still a chance that they may win the game.

Point Values

In regular blackjack, the highest hand is a two-card 21 that is accomplished with the combination of an Ace and a face card or 10. All of the cards two through ten are scored at their face values, face cards are always worth 10 and Aces can be worth 10 or one depending on the player's preference. In No Bust 21, two Jokers is the highest hand and are considered a 'natural'. Also, if the player holds a single joker, this is counted as 21 points; Aces and 10s have no value when paired with this card.

Payouts and Winning

Though it may seem as if the ability to win even after busting may make it easier to earn money, the way the payouts are arranged makes a huge difference. Payouts for winning a hand are two to one instead of the typical three to two. Even if both players bust, the party with the hand closest to 21 takes the pot. As is evident, though the basic rules are the same, No Bust 21 is a considerably different twist on an old classic.

Players who enjoy blackjack and also enjoy trying new things may find hours of fun with No Bust 21 blackjack. The casinos that provide the game also often provide tutorials in order to help new players learn the ropes.