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Reviewing Live Dealer Blackjack

Blackjack players who are interested in learning more about live dealers and their benefits will find all of the information they need within this review. Live dealers are becoming increasingly common, so understanding the differences is very important.

Benefits of Live Dealers

Players who are serious blackjack aficionados often claim that online venues simply cannot provide the same sense of realism as their bricks-and-mortar counterparts. Live dealers exist in order to bring the casino into the homes of the players, doing away with random number generators and complicated software in exchange for real gameplay and intense action. In fact, many players visit live dealer rooms in order to promote fair game play, though computer software must also be fair by law. Live dealer games progress at a pace that is set by the players, which is a benefit for many but a downfall for others.

Downfalls of Live Dealers

Perhaps the biggest complaint heard from players who frequent live dealer games has to do with the pace of the game itself. Since the game is not run by software, those who enjoy a fast pace may find some difficulty with waiting for other players to finish their turns. Also, the video feeds associated with the dealers are often grainy and difficult to see; this is especially true if the player has a slower internet connection. For this reason, players are often treated to a combination of real and virtual cards. Finally, live dealers are not always available and players may need to wait in a queue before participating.

While live dealers certainly bring a host of benefits to the table, so to speak, there are some downfalls that players should also be aware of. All in all, player preference will rule supreme when it comes do determining the best types of blackjack games to play.