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Double Exposure Blackjack

While many players have heard of double exposure, few understand the rules well enough to take a shot at winning. This document will describe the basic rules and strategies necessary for becoming a proficient Double Exposure player.

Double Exposure Differences

Double Exposure is played exactly like typical blackjack with one major difference: the dealer's hole cards are always exposed to the player. Other rules that separate Double Exposure from standard blackjack are that the dealer wins on all ties other than blackjack and players are only allowed to split their hands once.

Game Rules on Splitting and Doubling

Though the rules associated with splitting and doubling in Double Exposure are often dictated by the house, the following rules must always be observed. For instance, players can split any two cards, but they can only do so once per hand. Once the cards have been split, players are able to double if they so choose. Also, remember that the dealer must stand on 17 and that the player will always win a tie if both parties have a blackjack.

Payouts and Player Advantages

Since it is obvious that the player has a better advantage in Double Exposure and can therefore be expected to win more frequently, many casinos will alter their pay scales in order to compensate for any potential losses. For instance, while a casino may pay out two to one for a winning hand of standard blackjack, the payout for Double Exposure may only be three to two. This is because the advantage the player has over the house is significant and must be addressed.

Though it is quite possible to win more frequently with Double Exposure, most casinos use an altered pay scale that negates any possible player advantages. Nevertheless, players who are interested in something different will absolutely enjoy this blackjack variant.